yanno. i need to stop running on other ppls time


hot diggity

the guys at chefsteps


if i wasnt taken.

marry me pls

<3 _ <3

i kid i kid i think i lost my mind. getting the order of it all wrong.

flashers + strippers make money. money goes toward dream kitchen. with fully stocked espresso bar.

heck yes.

can i quit chemE and be a pastry chef or something

souffle rings

sous vide cooker

kitchen scale

chefsteps stop torturing me so OTL


“She’s right. It’s just that most really good-looking people are stupid, so I exceed expectations.”
“Right, it’s primarily his hotness,” I said.
“It can be sort of blinding,” he said.
“It actually did blind our friend Isaac,” I said.
“Terrible tragedy, that. But can I help my own deadly beauty?”
“You cannot.”
“It is my burden, this beautiful face.”
“Not to mention your body.”
“Seriously, don’t even get me started on my hot bod. You don’t want to see me naked, Dave. Seeing me naked actually took Hazel Grace’s
breath away,” he said, nodding toward the oxygen tank.


I never took another picture of him.

2:26 am is the wrong time to get urges to watch reply 1997 T^T 

cheat sheet be done.


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all my pilot .38 g2s are running out of ink. it really is the end of the year….

Title: Love Day Artist: 정은지 + 양요섭 39 plays

because i’m shameless and still wholeheartedly love kpop. maybe. wait did i just say that? o-O



it’s nearly 4 am and im sitting here mindlessly scrolling through tumblr has my life really come to this i havent done this in 5evar. slightly a waste of time… i used to spend a good half of my high school years doing it too…. ;-;



Chelsea Fagan, you're my favorite ;) ›

How To Connect Deeply With Anyone (In 5 Minutes) | Thought Catalog ›

all these fun articles and so little down time to get through them

I’m flipping chairs

Because ochem. And chair conformations. Get it? Yah.