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my crisis playlist.

ss501 love ya

ss501 UR man

ss501 making a lover

ss501 a song calling for you

ss501 because i’m stupid

basically reverting back to my major kpop/bof days.



i ws jst Tnk~ abt Tm.

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so…the guy on the right…i pretty much stalked over the summer to get a picture of him.  he reminds me of a sleepy HYUNG JOON from SS501.

just a bit….


heart attack at 1:54

almost forgot how beautiful he was. teehee.



ma boys. miss yyou.

Hyun Joong, you look especially happy and attractive.

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The only thing I regret about discovering SS501 is not discovering them earlier.


There was time where I felt so empty inside. Then I found SS501, and that gap was filled with happiness. If I became a Triple S earlier, I might not have had that emptiness. 

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OMFG MEMORIES! I miss SS501 :(


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I still haven’t figured out how to do this….

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Hello everyone, been kinda MIA for a while. I’ll be holding a pin giveaway again!

I’ll be giving away one pin away :)

You can buy a pin from Triple-S4Change, a non-profit group of Triple S; their current project is selling these 1” SS501 pins. All of their proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving’s EMERGENCY AID TO TSUNAMI & EARTHQUAKE SURVIVORS Project. Drop by and check them out! There will other future projects coming up! 

To Enter:

Starts: Sept. 17, 2011
Ends: Oct. 1, 2011

Winner will be picked by random number generator!

Will be contacted via Ask (if it’s enabled) and announced on FYKHJ. The person will have 3 days to respond; if I do not get a response, I will select another winner.

wow, i want one.

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kyu jong went out with me because he love me :3


Jung Min went out with me because he loves me the way I am.

But according to my shorts, its because we were meant to be. <3

so cliché

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IS THIS AWKWARD? kwahahahaha~ my cat is a triple s :3 when i wanna reblog this pic. then my cat is suddenly jump and touch the LCD :3

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Kim Hyung Jun appeared on my wall today.