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so cute. like something out of a fairytale.
i love this fake perfect couple.

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When someone calls your celebrity crush ugly .


i keep telling myself, stop spamming people with pictures of this boy!

i still can’t resist.

is that the star of david he’s wearing around his neck?


Kim Hyun Joong bb <3

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where did that hand in the back come from?

awk.not really

this must have been at a concert.


thinking properly is something i don’t do well at 1:52 am. time for bed.

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kim hyun joong! :)

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oh my my 

look at this boy :)


His eyes, his eyes. Make the stars look like they’re not shining…

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<3 hyung joon, kyu jong, & young saeng!!!!! <3<3<3

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yea thats my valentine! <3

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just an unhealthy obsession with him. that’s all. call me superficial, but oh! his skin! and his perfect hair, and those dreamy eyes…..

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